Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where are all the bleeding hearts libs that are so concerned with the human rights issues of the people of the world?

Currently near where I live there are protests of Muslims crying "discrimination towards Islam". Look closely and you will see the bleeding heart liberals right along side of them. They are easy to spot and identify; they will be the ones pontificating about how it's the Christian thing to do to support our NON Islamo-fascist brothers in peace. To wit: there are no "moderate" Muslims present to condemn the horrendous ends of sharia law that threaten Western civilization.
Once this mosque is built, there will be no way to control what is going on inside - are they teaching radical Islam, indoctrinating Muslims to embrace violent jihad, will they be hiring fanatic imams to preach, will they secretly be planning & training for other attacks on the US infidels? The thought that this would be going on upon the ashes of our dead is beyond contemptible. Will they have loud-speakers calling the faithful to prayers so that all visiting, living or working nearby will have to hear "Allahu Akbar" 5 times a day? For the sake of building bridges, will Rauf approve a church and synagogue be built, of equal height & size, on both sides of his mosque? Will NYC's Bloomberg approve it with the same degree of enthusiasm? Will obama? It took Germany 10 years before they could close their terrorist mosque. How much damage to their security do you imagine occurred during that time?

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