Monday, November 30, 2009

Now, don’t get me wrong; I don’t think he wants us to lose the war. but it looks as if he don't want to win it either.

I can’t see how he gives a damn about Afghanistan. He picks McChrystal and then promptly tosses him under the bus, along with our soldiers, backs up and runs over them a few more times. 116 soldiers died while his happy ass was out on the golf course “agonizing” about what he should do and convincing the stupid that he didn’t want to rush things.

The “strategy” we get from his speech is that he’s sending over LESS than the minimum estimated to do the job so they can prepare to pull out, and maybe serve as Taliban targets, in 18 months just in time, conveniently, for an election. This has nothing to do with winning and everything to do with keeping the team-killing the bastards on the liberal douchebag left happy

Sometimes, the only way to win the fight with evil is to show up for it. And then kill the other guy, when he shows up.

Since we are in in Afghanistan, the Islamists certainly are there – to fight us. And as Islamists, are in need of being killed. (Not talked to, or “understood” and allowed to go on.)

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