Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tiger Woods

No one who has an IQ higher than Nancy Pelosi believed this made up story. Remember it is not the truth that will cause Tiger trouble it is the cover up. She was angry, grabbed a five iron and went after Tiger's balls. End of story. Pretending it was an auto accident was just silly when it was obvious it was a domestic dispute
Tiger Woods is a public figure. As an internationally recognized sports star, a blue-chip spokesman and a worldwide celebrity, whether he likes it or not (and apparently he doesn't) Woods is a public figure. This isn't something that simply happened. Woods worked at it. He practiced all his life, focused and trained to be a winner. And then he developed his skills as a public persona, pitchman and marketeer.
To me, the story of this woman isn't the actual story. It's the persona of Tiger Woods, the "perfect human" he has been portrayed as - and perpetuated - and THAT has been blown to bits.
PS... Cops now say they have proof that he was hit with a golf club. The words Nike Forged Blade is embedded on his forehead!

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