Saturday, November 7, 2009

On Fort Hood

Barack Obama gave his second statement on the Fort Hood massacre, and this one went better than his first. He cautioned Americans to let law-enforcement agencies do their job in investigating the 13 murders apparently committed by Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan and to avoid “jumping to conclusions” based on incomplete data. Although this statement has prompted angry responses in e-mail, in this case Obama’s correct — almost anticlimactically so
Where are you Obama??? Your lib/socialist friends jumped all over Bush for not immediately going to New Orleans after Katrina, but you're too busy giving "shout outs" to call on our troops? You could fly Air Force One to NY for a photo op, or for a date, but not to see our troops? You can't even make the commissioning of the USS New York. Golf game today? Or are you simply hiding behind your real agenda?
Don't rush to judgment on anything about the shooting. He spends 1 min 5 sec. talking about the shooting and ordering flags at half mast, he spends 5 min 7 sec talking about unemployment extensions, paid for by the stimulus package that how it's paid for as the funds dry up, just get more out of the funds in the stimulus yet spent. Good stimulating, way to create jobs. Incentives for small businesses to start, like what? Everything he has done up to this point has hurt the economy, Bush bounced back from the .com bubble, and 9/11 hijackings and destruction of the World Trade Centers. And he bounced back greatly, record low unemployment numbers and record economic growth. His downside was that he wasn't fiscally responsible with that growth

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